About us

Sovereign Payment Solutions is a multi-national IT solutions provider that was established in response to increasing sectoral demands for innovation and adaptive agility.

At Sovereign Payment Solutions we serve to deliver invention, innovation, integration and deployment of cutting-edge payment solutions to a broad-spectrum market segment that includes;

▪ Banking & Trade Finance
▪ Mobile Telecommunications
▪ Retail Supermarkets Commerce
▪ Money Transfer & Remittances

▪ Transport & Ticketing
▪ Medical Health Services
▪ Maritime Shipping
▪ Insurance & Underwriting

Our core mission is to enable reliable-secure digital payments via our vast array of products and services.

Product & Services

Our core mission seeks to provide innovative digital payments via our extensive range of products and services, that include;

Payment Systems
▪ Merchant & Retail Acquiring
▪ Mobile & Agency Banking
▪ Mobile & Prepaid Wallets
▪ Internet & eCommerce

System Integration
▪ API Middle-ware
▪ Custom Development
▪ Project Delivery Management

▪ System Architecture Design
▪ Advisory Services
▪ Audit & Compliance
▪ Business Intelligence

Customer Support
▪ Call Centre
▪ Helpdesk Support

The varied assortment of end-to-end innovations that aim to deliver reliability, customer convenience and business value

Merchant & Retail Commerce
POS Acquiring
eCommerce Gateway
Realtime Payments
Money Transfer & Remittances
Card Hosting & Management
Internet Banking
Agency Banking
Audit Compliance
24x7 Customer Support
Project Delivery Management
Fuel Station
Advisory Service
Mobile Applications


Sovereign Payment Solutions has partnered with strategic agencies and ancillary global brands whose product lines compliment and further extend the range of our offering. Additionally, since inception, we have successfully delivered products, services and value addition to a wide range of market segments that include banking institutions, payment processors, retail merchants, and mobile operators.



Regional Offices

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Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinee, Senegal, Tanzania and mauritius



    Payments Made Simple

    Our core mission is to enable electronic payments by facilitating the development and deployment of IT processing systems that cater to a vast cross-section of business requirements. Since our launch, our company has provided solutions that serve as the backbone of payment transactions for processors, mobile telco’s; e-commerce gateways, banking and non-banking financial institutions.

    Payment Systems

    Electronic Channels, Payment Switches, Card Personalization, Data Warehousing, Reconciliation, Settlement & Reporting

    Systems Integration

    Development & Customization Of Front-&-Back Office Bridging Software, Interface Middleware Applications,  API Integration


    Advisory Services, System Architecture, Performance Audit, Business Process Engineering, Project Delivery Management, 

    Customer Support

    Call-Centre Support, 24-7 Helpdesk, Workshops & User Forums, ,Continuing Education & Training Services, 

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